About IECEE CB Scheme

IECEE, the IEC System for Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components, is a multilateral certification system based on IEC International Standards. Its Members use the principle of mutual recognition (reciprocal acceptance) of test results to obtain certification or approval at national levels around the world.

The IECEE Schemes address the safety, quality, efficiency and overall performance of components, devices and equipment for homes, offices, workshops, health facilities among others. In all, IECEE covers 22 categories of electrical and electronic equipment and testing services.

The IECEE Schemes
The IECEE Schemes, based on IEC International Standards, are truly global in concept and in practice. They help reduce trade barriers caused by different certification criteria in different countries and help industry access new markets. They eliminate the delays and costs of multiple testing, thus allowing companies to market their products faster while reducing overall manufacturing costs.

IECEE CB Scheme: One test, one certificate
The System is the operator of the very successful IECEE CB Scheme, a one-stop shop that offers the potential of one test (based on IEC International Standards) and one certification, recognized internationally.

China Quality Mark Certification Group Co., Ltd (Abbr. CQM) is the one of certification bodies of IECEE CB Scheme in China. Since 2019, CQM has gradually developed the business of IECEE for electrical and electronic equipment. The certified scope include electrical hand held tool and wielding machine etc...

CQM, with the Ex testing laboratories, provides the domestic and overseas clients with fast and superior services with heart and soul.