SA8000, namely Social Accountability 8000, is a social responsibility management system.
The SA8000 standard is based on the international workplace standards stipulated by ILO conventions, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is the first international ethics standard in the world. Its purpose is to ensure that the products supplied by suppliers meet the requirements of social responsibility standards. The SA8000 standard is applicable to companies of different sizes, in any industry, all over the world.
The basic focus of the SA8000 is to improve working conditions around the world. This goal has opened the way for organizations to improve and demonstrate their corporate social responsibility based on human rights in the workplace.
IQNet Ltd. has been accredited by SAAS to issue the SA8000: 2014 certification with an accreditation mark.
CQM is one of the authorized representatives of IQNet Ltd. in China, and we are committed to providing customers with high quality and efficient certification services.